How to Stay on Top with 2017’s Hottest Digital Marketing Trends.



Basically the entire population is ready to say “good riddance to 2016.” This year has brought a lot of turmoil, tragedy and interesting events. One huge positive for the tech world in 2016 has been the growth of digital marketing, which has caused business from small to large to either create or grow their online presence to promote the service and products. With 2017, thankfully, on the horizon, experts are now debating what the new year with bring to the digital marketing universe.

Will 2017 see a complete overhaul in how users operate search engines, or an expansion in companies entering the digital world, or both? Online marketing is complex; businesses should realize that the sooner they enter the digital world, in a strategically planned way, the more they will appeal to potential consumers. So what strategies will make a business’ Mimvi Tech Long Island a¬†successful in 2017? That is still to be determined, but here are some tips.

1. Video Advertisements. You know those video advertisements that you cannot skip when you are trying to watch a video on Youtube? Welcome them to Google in 2017. Maybe users are now more accepting of video advertisements than they previously were. (Mos still find them incredibly annoying.) Regardless, the introduction of video ads to search engines will change the internet advertisement game.

2. Say goodbye to desktop, hello to mobile. 2016 started this trend, which will continue to build in 2017. Business men and women, typically on the go, spend more time searching the web on their phones than their desktops. Mobile optimization must be a priority in 2017 to stay ahead in digital marketing and SEO in New York.

3. Growth of wearable technology. Apple watches and similar products have been on the rise, and have been the most popular techie trend – why reach for your phone when you can text from your watch? Well, just like those ads will be popping up on Google, eventually and likely in 2017, they will pop up on your tech watches and other wearable technology. Digital marketing meet real time marketing.

4. Time to beware of Google. Ever wonder why your business appears first for a certain keyword one day and all of a sudden is no where to be found the next? A holiday gift from Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Well, be prepared. 2017 will only bring more turmoil for businesses concerned with their Google placement. The increased number of changes is due to the increase in content placed on the internet and increasing Long Island SEO companies that are outsmarting Google. Will SEO companies rejoice, as this likely means increased business, a lot of smaller budgeted companies will turn to Facebook, or increasing their placement on search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.

5. Stand out from the crowd. Ever hear content is king? Of course you have. Well, now you need more than content with your 20 keywords. It needs to be unique – something that Google has not seen. Content marketing will become increasingly more competitive (and therefore increasingly more expensive). Niche-based writers will be in high demand and marketing companies large enough to cater to multiple niches will make a killing. However, a nice solution will be an increase in business to freelance writers will vast knowledge in his or her niche.

Many more trends are likely to arise as we head in 2017. To stay on top in the business world, it is crucial to stay ahead of these trends as competition will only increase online.